It’s 2021. Stop telegraphing to the world how much you need to come.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

If you venture into the fetid lands of Internet marketing, be forewarned. Nothing is as it seems.

The 19-year-old never planned on writing a masterpiece.

The author Mary Shelley

Bob Shellard serenades his wife while on quarantine.

This may be the most romantic sign ever…

The World Health Organization offers a step-by-step guide to make hand sanitizer.

Scientists, please, have at it — and share…

Gloria Gaynor doing the #IWillSurviveChallenge.

The legendary singer is bringing joy to TikTok…

And a group of Japanese students figured out a way to do exactly that.

Graduation comes to Minecraft.

She was fearless, maddening and — in the ultimate feminist act — uncontrollable.

I learned the hard way: There are better morning routines than Googling people you envy and hating yourself as a result

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I. On Jealousy

Mandy Stadtmiller

Editor of Un Yourself. Author of Unwifeable. To support my message of hope, you can donate across platforms at @mandystadt. Keep going.

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